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Epic blog posts that convert readers into paying clients!


Struggling to get your business seen and increase your income?


How many times have you thought you really *should* blog something this month? *insert dramatic sigh*


Got a list of blog post ideas as long as your arm but no time or motivation to write them?


Is your blog sprinkled with enough dusty cobwebs to bring on an unhealthy wheeze?

When you’re running a business with every hat, bonnet, headscarf and tiara precariously balanced on your head, it’s easy to see how blogging gets shoved to the bottom of the to-do list. There’s always something more pressing that needs doing. Client work, accounts, social media posts, SLEEPING… 

But if you’re not blogging at least semi-regularly, then you’re doing yourself a disservice, lovely! 

  • You KNOW blog posts are a valuable part of a successful marketing strategy. 
  • You KNOW you need to be dishing out useful information. 
  • You KNOW that building that “know, like and trust factor” with your audience is key.

Because all this means warm leads, which means customers. 

And that means your business becomes profitable.

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your blogging


Imagine hundreds of beautiful words dropping into your inbox that you can simply copy, paste and schedule for a series of informative, value-filled blog posts over the next four months to a year!

No more scrabbling around trying to find the right words in a mad rush because there are more pressing things to do. No more barren blog that looks unloved and desolate. And no more guilty feelings, leaving you time to do the items at the top of your to-do list. 

Booking me to write you a bunch of awesome blog posts frees you up to do all the things in your business that you love doing most. Channel your superpowers. Do the thing that got you started with your business in the first place and relax, knowing I’ve got your back with informative, engaging blog posts full of awesome Google juice that sound like you. 

Because you’ve got this, business rock star!


On Point blog posts

Bringing you visibility when you just don’t have the time to blog.

750-1000 words of blog post deliciousness (that’s per post, by the way!). 

Words that sound like you and echo your brand voice perfectly.

But there’s even more…

When we first start working together, I delve into the recesses of your brain to learn and listen to your voice, values and brand. There’s a little process all my clients refer to as the “brain pickin'”. It’s where I learn how to get into your head (in a nice way, I swear!) so I can write the kind of words that resonate with you, as well as with your audience. Because clients you really connect with are the best kind, right?

Your blog posts include:

optimisation for one long-tail keyword, something Google loves. And, if you’re not sure how to optimise it on your website, I’ll walk you through that process too. 

meta descriptions for each of your blog posts, that little blurby bit you see on a Google search results page. Something one of my clients describes as pops of joy that look waaaay better than any of her competitors’ post descriptions. 

one final proofread,  once you’ve approved the copy and are happy with the words. Because, hey, even copywriters make the odd typo! 

You can order your On Point blog posts in blocks of 4, 8 or 10. They’ll be delivered to you in one meaty bundle, so you can choose how frequently you want to schedule them. If one post a month is enough, that’s almost a year’s worth of content right there!

well-written, interesting and engaging blog posts

I believe in the power of a well-written, interesting and engaging blog post. And so do my clients! I’ve had clients book multiple wedding packages off the back of a single blog post I wrote for them. Another happy customer took $30K from a single booking after publishing two posts I’d written for them. 

Not too shabby, huh? 

The thing is, people disregard blogging because the results aren’t usually immediate. Blogging is a bit of a long game. You won’t necessarily see a reward for your investment right away. 

But blog posts have longevity. Especially if you have a sound strategy for sharing informative, value-packed posts filled with information that’s as relevant in two years as it is right now.

So, if you’re a wedding photographer, we won’t blog about Dick and Jane’s beautiful summer wedding at Love Lake Manor. Instead, we’ll blog about the venue itself and show what kind of wedding a couple could have there (with some lovely pictures of the happy couple you worked with, of course!). 

If you’re a web designer, we’ll write posts about maintaining a website or what to do if you get hacked, or any other number of interesting topics your audience might want to know about. 

With posts like these, you cannot fail to generate a readership, a following and, eventually, conversions to whatever service or product it is you offer. Remember, it’s about consistency and keeping yourself visible, now and later on down the line, too.

If you’ve met one copywriter/content writer, you’ve met them all, right? 


It might not seem like it on the surface, but we all bring something different to the table, which is something you should consider when you decide what you need from the person writing your blog posts for you.


Words that sound like you

I’m a big believer in having the words on your website reflect the business and brand you are. And if that means throwing in niche references to TV shows you love or finding a thousand different ways to talk about romance that isn’t icky or quease-inducing, then I am down with that.



I want you to be a willing participant in creating your blog posts, so we throw our heads together to come up with topic ideas, and you can offer as much or as little in the way of notes as you want.



I’m as flexible as a limbo dancer when it comes to getting notes from you. Send me bullet points, voice memos or pictures of scribbled notes on a page. Whatever pickles your noodle! I do draw the line at smoke signals, though, but only because they make my eyes all stingy.



It also matters to me that you’re super happy with the words you’ll be sharing on your website. This is why I include two rounds of revisions to make sure I’m getting things right for you.


An all-round lovely person

Working with me is usually described as being like working with a friend. When we meet up (over Zoom!), we have all the fun chats about you, your business and anything else that springs to mind. My mission is to make you feel like you absolutely made the right choice by booking me to write your blog posts for you. And I’m not averse to sending surprise sweet treats to butter you up, either *wink*



Happy Clients

One blog post made a client $30K!

Sarah is an incredible copywriter. She just gets it. Spends time researching and often knows more about the wedding than I do! Always delivers on time and has tons of amazing ideas for blog posts. Very professional, yet super friendly.


Wedding Photographer

I love working with Sarah if you can call it work. It always feels like I’m talking to a friend who takes the jumbled words that come out of my mouth and makes me seem normal to others. It’s very rare to find someone who can take your tone of voice and replicate it so effectively but Sarah is amazing at it.


Wedding Photographer

Sarah is a shining star! I feel so lucky to have stumbled across her once upon a time. She took a heavy weight off my shoulders when I was already carrying a million different things. Investing in copywriting was one of the best choices to make for my business.


Wedding Photographer


What’s it gonna cost?

Your investment will generate traffic to your website, while you get on with doing the thing you love the most.


Well, listen, they’re not going to be right for everyone.

But if good quality words matter to you and you believe in putting out excellent content as part of your marketing plan, we should probably talk. 

If saving yourself hours of stress, worry, sweat and guilt over trying to get some blog posts published matters, consider this a sensible investment. 

And if the idea of only having to deal with blogging once every six months or longer puts a giant, satisfied grin on your face, then what are you waiting for? 

Because the quicker you do the thing and let me know you need blog posts, the sooner you can check off one big, fat to-do from that neverending list that makes up the running of your business. 

Picture it… in no time at all, you’re going to be sharing epic blog posts (think of the repurposing!) and signposting yourself as the go-to expert in your industry. 

Yes, imagine the reverent and admiring looks now, friend. Because they’re definitely a-comin’ in your direction!

Writing blog posts on laptop



Why are these blogs so long/short? Why don't you offer different options?

Honestly, no one ever wanted the longer options, so I don’t see the point in offering them anymore! 750-1000 words is a good length for blog posts that’ll cover a core idea with 5-7 good points about that topic. 

If you’re not sure what posts in this range look like, head to my blog, that’s about the standard length I write my own posts at! Long enough to be meaty, so people feel like they’ve been given a good amount of information, not so long that they’re getting bored and going cross-eyed halfway down the page! 

However, if you do want longer posts, get in touch, and I can offer you a bespoke quote for those.

How long is the process of working with you?

If it’s the first time we’re working together, there’ll be a bit of homework to start so I can get a good sense of who you are, what you do and your business and brand, as well as the way you write/speak. 

Once you’ve done your homework, we’ll book in a blog planning session, an hourish long chat to choose topics for each of your posts, as well as discuss any main points you’d like those posts to cover (if you haven’t already sent me bullet points). This meeting kicks off your project. 

New clients will then receive a copy of their brand voice guide, which I’ll put together based on what I’ve learned about you and what I’ve heard when you speak. 

After that, I get your writing all scheduled in, and it’ll typically be within 2-3 weeks of your blog planning session. I’ll let you know when to expect your drafts! 

You’ve got 14 days to review and submit any revisions of the posts, and I aim to work on those revisions as soon as I have some time available in my schedule. This does all depend on how many revisions you’ve requested and whether they’re simple or complex (more complicated revisions might warrant us jumping on another call). 

Roughly speaking, from the time of your blog planning session to final proofreading of your blog posts is about 4 weeks, but it’s usually much sooner!

And how far in advance do I need to book you?

This varies greatly depending on my existing workloads, but I typically book clients a minimum of a month before their kick-off meeting.

So, what's the drill? How do I book?

Hit the button below and head to my contact page. Fill out the form with your details, and I’ll get in touch to arrange a chat with you! Once we’re done talking, I send you out a proposal so you can read all the details. And, when you’re ready to book, fill out the booking form! I ask you to sign the Terms and Conditions and pay 50% upfront. 

The remaining 50% will be due on completion of your posts!

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