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For as long as I can remember, I’ve always kept a diary.

Years ago, as a kid and young teenager (before the dawn of the interwebz!), I had a black leather journal where I literally used to “Dear Diary” on an almost daily basis. Then the internet came along and I kept a LiveJournal account for almost a decade before eventually moving on to blogging. I’ve actually started to revert back a little and am journalling with pen and paper once again but I still love using this little blog as an outlet too.

For reasons unknown to me, I dug up my old LiveJournal account today and started nostalgically reading through some of the posts. I came across an old post called ’22 Stories’. The premise of the post is that there are 22 stories in each of us and, in true meme-like fashion, it encouraged us to write and share these stories.

It got me thinking…

As many of you know, last September I started a Creative Writing degree with the Open University. I’m over halfway through the first two modules now and really finding my feet with writing again. I feel inspired and encouraged to get writing again in all sorts of capacities, not just ‘blogging for SEO’ or posting nonsensical stuff on Facebook. I never really got round to trying this 22 Stories meme and so I’d like to give it a go, right here on this blog.

But before I start posting these stories here, I thought it might be best to ask you guys, the people who actually read this blog, whether that is even something you want to see? As you know, the focus of this website has changed over the last year. I am still, and always will be, first and foremost a photographer but, at the same time, I know I am a writer too and so being able to run the two parts of my creative streak side by side seems right to me.

But tell me what you think…

Do you want to be reading more personal blog posts from me? Or do you want to only be reading advice posts and seeing images from recent shoots (of which there still will be, by the way!). I’d love to hear your thoughts, whatever they may be, so pop them in the comments below and let me know what you think!


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