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Your brand

Every business is unique. Your business is unique – it’s an extension of you. And so the copy on your website should truly reflect who you are. Why sound like a corporate conglomerate when you are a home business with a personalised touch?

What I do

Get inside your head (in a nice, rather than creepy, way) and put exactly what I find in there into words for you to use wherever you see fit. Maybe you need website copy, blog posts, emails, newsletters… the list goes on. I will do the wordy bit so you can just get on with doing the thing you love most… creating. 


Website Copy

Are you building a new website from scratch? Do you need to fill it with lots of attention-grabbing copy that’s kick-you-in-the-crotch spit-on-your-neck fantastic? Then this is the dealio for you.

Audit + Refresh

You’ve got your website. You’ve been running your business forever. But things have got a bit cobwebby and stale. You just can’t figure out how to change it. Coo-ee! I can help you with that! 


Dad called me ‘human dictionary’ as a kid, and I don’t like to use the term ‘grammar whore’ but… well… Are you confident with your copy but need things tidying up? I can work on that for you.

Blog Posts

Blogging – the single most reliable way of generating fresh, new content on your website on a regular basis. But who has time for that? Err… well, me actually.


Newsletters have become the next big way to generate more leads for your business but remembering to write one and send it every month can be hard work.


Anything Else?

If it needs words, then I am all over it. Social media posts, advertising, letter writing, anything else you’d like me to get involved with, just drop me a line!

If there’s a word I don’t know… I’ll look it up.

I used to sleep with a dictionary next to my bed… honest. I proofread my husband’s complaint letters and emails before he sends them off because, honestly, who’s gonna take him seriously otherwise? 

Books read this year

Books on the go

Words written

Cups Of Coffee

Why work with me?

Because I have purple hair and Doc Martens to match… mmkay?

Because I have wicked taste in clothes and my jewellery is pretty interesting to look at too.

Or, actually, put those things to one side and don’t let them put you off working with me. I may not look very business-like but I know what I’m doing when it comes to words. I promise.

I grew up in a house where my Dad called me the ‘human dictionary’. I would proofread his letters for him, and I still do this for my husband now.

I read voraciously. When I’m not working or taking photographs then I’ve usually got my head in a book. I’m doing a degree through the Open University right now in Creative Writing… just ’cause.

I am all about the words. I love language (colourful or otherwise!) and I love nothing more than to craft perfect words for small businesses so that you can get right on with doing what you love to do.

Latest Work

Lucy’s Happy Holistic Pet Care | Full Website Copy

Lucy’s Happy Holistic Pet Care | Full Website Copy

Lucy's Happy Holistic Pet Care | Full Website Copy   Lucy's Happy Holistic Pet Care is the beloved business of my good friend, Lucy. Her love of animals and alternative healing combined into this amazing little space and her fabulous business was born! Of course,...

Your business 

Your way

Every small business is as unique and individual as the people who run them. Which is why I will treat every collaboration individually and quote dependent on the work that is required. 

An average spend for a day’s work will be C$480 – £280 – €320

What does ‘Above the Fold’ mean?

What does ‘Above the Fold’ mean?

What does ‘Above the Fold’ mean?  When it comes to building your website, you’ve probably heard all sorts of weird jargon - SEO, copy, content, bio, keywords and all that jazz. But have you heard the term ‘above the fold’ mentioned before? It’s one of my...

How to write an awesome blog post

How to write an awesome blog post

How to write an awesome blog post   It’s easy for me to tell you that you need to have a blog on your website. And it’s all well and good telling you why a blog is important for your website and your business. But if you’ve never written a blog post before, the...

Lovely Words

I have worked with some of the best people who have, in turn, written some beautiful words for me.

Working with Sarah was a joy! She completely understood what I wanted and gave me exactly what I asked for before my deadline. I cannot wait to work with her again!


Let’s get our heads together

And come up with something wonderful