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Post just got pretty! Sending digital cards with Paperless Post.


Everyone loves to receive post, don’t they?

Receiving mail has always been something I’ve enjoyed – finding anything in my post box that isn’t a bill or a circular always brings me joy.

It’s why I was a prolific penpaller when I was younger – at one point I think I had as many as 30 different penpals all around the world and I spent much of my time reading their letters and responding to them in kind.

Recently I emigrated from the UK to Canada. I’ve left a lot of friends behind and even though we have the wonder of the internet these days, getting post from those friends and sending it to them has always been a pleasure. But I realise lots of my friends have busy working lives and getting to the post office isn’t always manageable with their tight schedules.

So the internet has its part to play in keeping people connected.

But emails can be a little impersonal and, well, just a bit boring, can’t they?

Which is why Paperless Post is a fabulous little invention that I am thrilled to discover.

Digital communication just got a whole lot prettier!

Pegged as a place to send online invitations, that is only one of its awesome functions. I had a go at sending some pretty cards to friends the other day, just to say hello and I’m thrilled with the results!

There are so many gorgeous designs to choose from and you can personalise various aspects, including the cute “envelope” the card comes in.

Once the card has been sent, you can check that it has been received and opened and my favourite part is that the recipient can send a message right back to you as well. It’s penpalling with a modern (and pretty) edge!

All in all it’s a pretty great service and if you’re looking to connect with distant friends and family but want to send something more interesting to look at than an email, I highly recommend you give Paperless Post a try.

Make emails fun to send and receive again!


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