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People love that about you

Well, look at you…

Gettin’ all fancy and building yourself a business, a brand, a career.

Give yourself a high five, lovely. You should be proud.

Being your own boss is never the easiest course of action.

You know what I’ve come to realise, though? There’s nothing more important than being you.

Too many times I see creative business owners like you who think they have to be something else, someone else, something that they’re not. They think they have to project an air of professionalism, that no one will trust them if they don’t dress a certain way or speak a certain way.

Well, here’s the effin’ amazing news…

None of that is true anymore.

Because people connect with people.

They see beyond a business name. A corporation. A fancy logo. They even see past your brand. And what they’re looking for is you, lovely.

It’s you they want to get to know.



You might not know


I have two passports

As a Maltese/English woman I’m both wildly introverted and a passionate, fiery arm-waver when I get going.

I was a paramedic for 12 years

I spent my 20s and 30s trying to figure out what I wanted to be and, somehow, accidentally became a paramedic.

I don't live in either of the countries I'm a citizen of

In 2019, I swapped the comfort-zone of a life in England for a completely unknown life in BC, Canada. Things are going pretty well…

I love a personality test

I’m an Enneagram 4 and an INFJ. What are you?

Sarah Wayte Creative


That’s really just a fancy way of saying I scribble words for people and I take their pictures.

Here’s the thing… I’ve had a love affair with words my entire life. Seriously, I even pick favourite songs based purely on the lyrics. I’ve written stories and poems since I could competently hold a pen, there aren’t many words I don’t know how to spell (although ‘privilege’ gets me every time!), I’m a total stationery nerd (with a notebook collection that signifies I have a serious problem), and I’m slightly annoyed it took me 20-something years to realise I could turn writing into a career because, man, it doesn’t really feel like work to me! I even did a Creative Writing degree for the fun of it, completed it 2 years faster than planned and got a First. Did I mention I’m a complete word nerd?

And don’t even get me started on photography, because I’ll totally geek out about that too.

Truthfully, I’m a creative soul, probably neurodivergent (the signs all seem to say yes!) who loves nothing more than to work with epically creative business owners who love what they do just as much as me.

We’re probably a great fit if you’re slightly socially awkward, nerd out about things like stationery and what you do for a living, and know the importance of good, honest copy that sounds like you and your voice.

I’d suggest a chat to see if we’ll work well together!



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