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I never expected, when I set up this copywriting business, that my first “unknown” client would be a fellow wedding photographer! But, given my background, I suppose it seems hardly surprising. The lovely Kerry, from A Tall Long Legged Bird, asked about blog posts for her wedding photography business. Because, well, she’s a busy girl and she didn’t have time to get those blog posts written!

I couldn’t have asked for a better, more easy-going, dream first client to work with. Kerry is so relaxed and she trusted me from the moment we started working together to get the job done for her.

wedding photography blog on desktop

Kerry had a very simple brief… she wanted well-written blog posts that would generate traffic to her website. And they would be found for those all-important venue keywords. Especially for the venues she particularly loves to shoot at!

We also talked about getting some good ‘cornerstone content’ written up for her. Mostly around the types of weddings she would like to shoot more of, or to have posts she can refer future clients to when they ask her certain questions!

And she wanted these posts to be regular! I’m sure you’ve heard me bleating on enough about regularity when it comes to blogging. It’s definitely a key part of getting your blog to work well for you as part of your website! I produce a blog post 2-3 times a month for Kerry. This works well for her, especially as it’s peak wedding season right now. Kerry is a very busy woman so taking this task away from her has made her life a little easier!

Just booked another at North Cadbury Court, thanks to your amazing blog post!! I don’t want to tell everyone how amazing you are as you’ll get too busy to write for me 🤣

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Kerry and I have a very simple process in place. I want the whole thing to be very easy for her. Then she can get back to doing the things she enjoys most – photographing weddings and editing them. So, she sends me a random list of thoughts and bullet points. She also sends any useful documentation she might have from her clients and leaves the rest to me.

Each wedding I blog about involves a bit of digging, which is something I love to do. I go off and search through the social media posts of some of the other suppliers. This helps me to find extra details that Kerry herself might not have remembered. In fact, on one of the first posts I wrote for her, I spoke about the first dance. Kerry said herself she couldn’t remember what it was, so it was lovely to be able to include that little detail in her writing.

Kerry and I have been working together for a few months now and it has been so much fun! Since I don’t shoot too many weddings these days, it’s wonderful to live a little vicariously through her (and my other wedding photographer clients!).

There’s always space for more clients though so if you are interested in having me blog for you, hit the link!

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