The 6 Steps to Writing a Simple Blog Post

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pens and pencils on a table

Writing a blog post should not be a complicated task. If you allow it to be, then it becomes a chore and I refuse to believe that writing about subjects you love and are interested in is a difficult task! I do understand that writing doesn’t always come naturally to everyone though, so here are 6 steps to writing a simple blog post. 

If you follow these 6 steps, then putting together simple blog posts should not be a chore and will have you blogging more frequently – which can only be a good thing for your business!

Be prepared

Preparation in all things definitely helps. When you tackle a new recipe, getting all the ingredients out and measuring them before you start makes the job easier, doesn’t it? And so it’s the same with writing a blog post. Have the basis of your idea written down and a few bullet points about how you’re going to tackle the subject. It’ll make it much easier when you come to writing it all out.

Tackle a single idea

Don’t try to include ALL the things in one post. It becomes too much and too confusing for the reader if you’re trying to tackle more than one key idea. Stick to one idea and say all you want to say about that one thing. Your post will be far more valuable and will stand more chance of being read in its entirety if you do!

pens and pencils on a table

Have a beginning, a middle and an end

This probably sounds a little idiotic because, of course, everything has a beginning, middle and end. But you’d be surprised how many people don’t stick to this idea when writing a blog post! Keep things in sequence. Start off with what the post is about and what subject you’re planning to tackle, use the middle to plead your case, show your evidence or expand on your suggestions and ideas, and finish with a conclusion to round things off. Using this layout will keep things clear and simple for your reader.

Spend time crafting a headline that captures attention

Headlines can be the make or break of a blog post. This is where you need to consider SEO and what people are likely to be searching for in order for your blog post to be presented to them as one of the results of that search. Again, keep it simple but use terms people are likely to use in search engines. Don’t try to get too clever with it. You can use your subheading for that!

Use subheadings

Using subheadings to break things up ensures a blog post that is easy to read and looks presentable. People can also use the subheadings to scan the post for information relevant to them. 

Keep it simple

Overall, keep the post simple. Use shorter sentences to convey points. Don’t overcomplicate things with difficult words. Ultimately you want your readers to understand what they’re reading, not find themselves scratching their heads when they come to the end of the post!

And there you have it… my 6 steps to writing a simple blog post! Hopefully, you find them of some help to you. Feel free to drop any questions in the comments below and I’ll answer as quickly as I can!