Life in the time of Covid-19


Once a week, I sit down at my computer and I tackle writing a couple of blog posts for my business for the following week. I then schedule in a bunch of social media posts loosely based around those blogs and any other subjects I might want to talk about that week. The whole thing takes a few hours when I really put my mind to it.

Typically, I have this all done on Friday, so I can relax over the weekend, happy in the knowledge that everything is scheduled and ready to start being published the following Monday. But here I sit, this Sunday afternoon and, honestly, I don’t have a damn clue what to write about.

The last couple of weeks have been rough for us all. We’ve all suddenly come face-to-face with something we can’t see but know is out there and it has changed the way we live and work in a matter of days. Some of us are facing the prospect of losing loved ones. Some are having to deal with actually being ill themselves. Others are facing isolation in a variety of different ways, places and situations. Physical health might not be the concern for some but mental health very much will be. People are having to figure out how to work from home all of a sudden. Others are facing the possibility of losing their jobs or businesses. It’s like someone whipped out that tablecloth from underneath the planet and sent it spinning crazily. Maybe now we’re all just teetering on that table edge…

I had every intention of getting some blog posts written today and tackling my social media afterwards. But every time I looked at the list of the topics I have to write about, I just felt a bit ‘meh’ about them all. Who, honestly, wants to read about copywriting hints and tips right now? Who really cares about what photo shoots I have to share with you when going outside is a luxury at the moment?

As much as it is important to keep working, if you’re able to, I can totally understand the whole ‘Why bother?’ sentiment a few people have expressed these last few days. 

So, instead, I sit here and write this post. Not because I want to drag you all down when things are already tough enough. But because I find that talking about how I’m feeling is helping others. It’s helping people to realise that they’re not alone in what’s happening right now. None of us is alone, in fact.

One of the loveliest things I heard last week was that we should rename ‘social distancing’ to ‘PHYSICAL distancing’. Because, if you think about it, socially we actually need to be even closer than ever before. Take time to organise video meetups and chats with friends and family. Check-in with one another regularly, even if it’s just a quick message to see how people are doing. And, if you are feeling low, don’t be afraid to reach out and tell people you’re struggling. Right now, we all need to be here for one another, to support each other through what is happening. And if that means not writing a few blog posts or sharing some tips on social media for a few days or however long until you feel able to, then so be it. 

I know now really doesn’t seem like the time for me to be sharing as frequently as I usually do so you might see a bit of a slow down at least for the next few days or week. That doesn’t mean I’m going anywhere. It just means I’m re-thinking things a little bit, and figuring out the best way for me to move forward that feels right to me. 

Just know I am always an ear, or eyes to read your words if you prefer, so don’t ever feel like you can’t send me an email or message or whatever if you’d like to talk.

If you’d like some specific help about dealing with protecting your mental health at this time, do check out this blog post about the techniques I’ve learned over the last year or so that might be helpful.