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I am accepting photography bookings

Here’s the important stuff: 

  1. I’ll only be booking shoots for individuals and small groups of 2-6 people (animals also welcome!).
  2. Shoots will predominantly be taking place outdoors so that physical distancing of 6 feet/2 metres can be maintained, however, I will consider indoor shoots if physical distancing can be maintained.
  3. I will be using best hygiene practices (i.e. one shoot per day so I can travel from home and return home after to ensure washing of hands) and expect you to do the same!
  4. You will be asked to complete a declaration in the 24 hours prior to your shoot confirming your fitness to attend the shoot. If there are any concerns about your health at all, please don’t be offended if I request a postponement. The shoot will happen and your booking fee will be transferred to a new date to be agreed upon. I would just rather you’re healthy for it!

Rest assured, your health and safety is the most important thing to me, closely followed by my own. I am putting these actions in place for those reasons alone. If you feel uncomfortable with any of this, it’s ok to wait and book your shoot at a later date. I totally get it! 

If you have any other questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to email me: hello@sarahwayte.com

Sarah is a delight to work with. Her personality is infectious and I felt like we were gonna be best friends the moment I met her. She really brought me out of my shell and made me feel comfortable being photographed.


You’ve all heard the term ‘unique selling point’ (or USP). It’s not just another buzzword. But it amazes me how many small business owners do not realise just what their USP is.

Think about it. Business is taking a turn in a different direction. The number of small businesses are rapidly increasing. The formality of corporate is receding. There is now a real upturn for more personal, homemade and hand created businesses. You see the slogans everywhere: Shop Local! Support your small businesses!

With the ease of access to the internet and social media, people want to know the real person behind the business these days and not just the corporate face or an impersonal logo.

That’s why I aim to capture more than just a headshot.

No white backdrops and a host of studio lights with you sitting formally on a stool in the middle. No fixed stare and smile and perfectly coiffed hair or exacting tie.

Let’s show the real you a little more – the genuine smiles, your loosened tie, a natural backdrop. Let’s show people what it is you do, tell the story of you and your small business, show YOUR uniqueness that your business rests upon.

But, all the while, still capturing professional images of you to share on your websites and business profiles.

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For the Love of Words

All about using words in every part of your life… business as well as personal!


Your Small Business is totally unique…


Which is why your branding photography should be too!


I know how hard it is when you’re starting out.

It’s hard to figure out your message, your ideal client, your branding and, somehow, relay all that professionally with the tiniest of budgets.

That’s why a branding shoot with me is not just about having some pretty pictures taken. 

We’ll talk about your business, what you see for it in the future, what your vision of it is, as well as who you want to aim it towards and what you want to say!

This isn’t just some headshots. This is your BRAND, and we’re gonna make it look pretty flippin’ awesome together. Are you ready?

New packages are being launched right now. For updated pricing, hit the link!

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