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I am accepting photography bookings

Here’s the important stuff: 

  1. I’ll only be booking shoots for individuals and small groups of 2-6 people (animals also welcome!).
  2. Shoots will predominantly be taking place outdoors so that physical distancing of 6 feet/2 metres can be maintained, however, I will consider indoor shoots if physical distancing can be maintained.
  3. I will be using best hygiene practices (i.e. one shoot per day so I can travel from home and return home after to ensure washing of hands) and expect you to do the same!
  4. You will be asked to complete a declaration in the 24 hours prior to your shoot confirming your fitness to attend the shoot. If there are any concerns about your health at all, please don’t be offended if I request a postponement. The shoot will happen and your booking fee will be transferred to a new date to be agreed upon. I would just rather you’re healthy for it!

Rest assured, your health and safety is the most important thing to me, closely followed by my own. I am putting these actions in place for those reasons alone. If you feel uncomfortable with any of this, it’s ok to wait and book your shoot at a later date. I totally get it! 

If you have any other questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to email me: hello@sarahwayte.com

In all my years in business and working with professional photographers… Sarah made life simple for me and the whole team. The pictures were back really quick too!


Martin & Co. Chelmsford

Clean, fresh and modern commercial and event photography keeping your business visible.


Commercial and event photography doesn’t have to be boring. It can look both professional AND modern, polished AND fun.

Just because you have to present a crisp and efficient front, it doesn’t mean you have to forgo a little personality too.

It’s all about how you do it.

From award nights to special conferences, new headshots for all your staff to interior and exterior commercial shots for your business, I am able to do it all with a little bit of warmth and friendliness thrown into the mix for good measure.

Available in Chilliwack, Abbotsford and throughout the Fraser Valley.

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For the Love of Words

All about using words in every part of your life… business as well as personal!


The last thing you need to be worrying about is photography…


Which is why booking a photographer who just gets on with the brief and delivers is always a good decision.


Whether you’re planning an important annual event, laying on a conference or award show for your hard-working employees, needing new headshots and photographs to freshen up your website or you’re in need of someone reliable, experienced and efficient to get interior and exterior shots or other branded photographs for your business, you have definitely come to the right place.

I work in Chilliwack, Abbotsford and throughout the Fraser Valley. I have more than 10 years experience photographing a variety of commercial and event projects and well-maintained professional kit to deal with most situations I am presented with. And I do it all with a smile!

New packages are just about to be launched so for full pricing information, hit the link!


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