Branding photography full of personality and fire

Just like you, really!

Hey, gorgeous. 

Your business is totally unique. Which is why your branding photography should be, too!

I’m betting you’ve heard the term ‘unique selling point’ (or USP) once or twice. Sure, it’s a buzzword. But it amazes me how many small business owners don’t realise just what their USP is.

In case you were wondering… it’s you!

Think about it. What we know and understand about business is changing. Small business numbers are growing every day. And there’s a real demand for more personal, homemade and hand created businesses. You’ve seen the slogans: Shop Local! Support your small businesses!

With how easy it is to get online, it can be hard to get visible in the sea of social posts and websites. It’s become more important than ever to let your personality shine through your brand and really show people the face behind your business and what makes it unique.

That’s why I capture more than just a headshot.

No white backdrops, studio lights or you sitting formally on a stool in the middle. No fixed stare and smile and perfectly coiffed hair or exacting tie.

Let’s show the real you – the genuine smiles, casual clothes, a natural backdrop. Let’s show people what you do, tell the story of you and your small business, show the uniqueness your business rests upon.

But, all the while, still capturing professional images of you to share on your website and business profiles.


Because everyone should see just how much you rock at what you do!

Let people see you’re the face behind your business. 

Get visible, get proud and loud about what you do and who you help. Because people want to know!

This isn’t just some headshots. This is your BRAND, and we’re gonna make it look pretty flippin’ awesome together. Are you ready?


I’ve been wielding a camera like some kind of weapon for almost 20 years now. And there’s nothing I love more than getting you in front of it, taking your pictures and having you clap your hands in delight when you see what comes out at the end.

Your experience matters to me. As someone who doesn’t like getting in front of the camera herself (funny that!), I go out of my way to help you feel comfortable and I’ll always ask you at the end of it all if it was as painful an experience as you imagined. I’m aiming to hear you say ‘No’, for the record!

I’ll happily show you the back of my camera while we’re working together and I’ll do whatever it takes to get the shots that’ll make your smile beam across the continent.

Because this is your business and these are your photos. We’re gonna make some serious magic together… I can feel it!

Available in Chilliwack, Abbotsford and throughout the Fraser Valley.

OH MY GOSH! Okay so I know this photographer and you are going to love her. You’re going to laugh and smile so much, you’re not even going to have the time or mental energy to feel awkward or unsure!


What I offer

A quick set of headshots or longer brand photography shoots that’ll give you glorious images for your website and enough content for your socials to make you super happy!

Hosting a workshop, a large scale event or you want to book brand photography or commercial photography by the half or full day? Then this is what you need!

Packages start from

C$450 | £265 | €290

Got Questions?

Why should I book you over any other photographer?

Let’s see…

I’m often told that I am great at helping people to feel comfortable in front of the camera. That’s mostly because I’m not that comfortable, myself, with having my photo taken. 

The other thing is that I am all about learning about who you are, the person behind the face and smile, and finding a way to bring that personality through into your photographs. 

Your photos are so much more than just some headshots to me!

How soon can we get started?

Because there’s more involved in your branding photography shoot than just me turning up with a camera, I do recommend you book me a minimum of 1 month in advance of your desired date. 

I like to spend some time getting to know you and your business and I also make time to arrange a planning session with you before your shoot so that I’m getting all the shots you want on the day.

I can book shoots with shorter notice but I can’t guarantee the same quality results if we’re not able to fit in the planning, so do bear that in mind!

How long will it take to get my photos?

I guarantee a 4-6 week turn around time for your photographs to be ready. This allows me to carefully examine and choose the very best photos from the session and edit them in my usual style. If they’re ready sooner, though, you’ll have them sooner!

What's your booking process?

Branding shoots can be booked with a C$50 booking fee. The balance is due 2 days before the shoot but this can be made in part-payments or in full by the deadline. Your shoot will not take place without payment under any circumstances.

Commercial and events photography will require a C$250 booking fee and the balance will be due on delivery of your gallery preview. The download information will be released once the final invoice has been settled.

On completing the booking form, you’ll be sent a contract and invoice and next steps will be confirmed once these have been completed.

I'm excited. What happens now?

If you like what you’re seeing, we should talk! Get in touch now and we’ll plan a chat over Zoom. 

I can’t wait to meet you and hear more about your business!

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