An Anniversary in Berlin

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dappled sunlight shining on remains of Berlin Wall

An Anniversary in Berlin

So Berlin on our wedding anniversary is starting to become something of a habit! For our fourth wedding anniversary, we headed back to the German capital for a few days last September. The experience was totally different again from our first visit two years before. In all honesty, we didn’t do too much. Wandered the streets, went to a market and ate the most amazing ice cream. Hid under a tree in a downpour… it was just a wonderfully relaxing few days where we got to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary together (instead of me being asleep following dental surgery like the previous year!).

View of river in central Berlin

The day before our anniversary we decided to visit Sachsenhausen. I feel like these places aren’t “nice” to visit but by doing so it’s a mark of respect for all the lives that were lost in this and other camps around Europe. I felt a bit weird about taking photographs at first but did feel compelled to capture a few.

Markings of former Baracke 32 at Sachsenhausen

Arbeit Macht Frei gates at Sachsenhausen

One of the things I love about going away for a few days is how a place inspires me to play a bit more with my photography. A little bit of hand-held slow shutter anyone?

Night shot of busy Berlin crossing

Light trails of bus driving past

Light trails of passing tram

Yellow train speeding into a station

The highlight of this trip was a visit to the Berlin Wall Museum. It was fascinating to walk sections of it and read about the history of the wall. I was amazed by how little I knew of it all.

dappled sunlight shining on remains of Berlin Wall

Man stands between iron supports of old Berlin Wall

Of course, we also headed back to some of our favourite spots like Brandenburg Gate and had a wander around the Reichstag after dark which was an interesting experience.

Berlin Parliament building

Another fab stay, Berlin! And if you’ve never been, I highly recommend you go!