How often do you find yourself working with people who don’t quite fit, leaving you lacking in confidence and struggling to grow your business?


Connect with your favourite clients more easily
in a voice that’s distinctly YOU
and with a confident message
every time

Get clear on your message and nail your brand voice with the only resource you’ll need ever again, so you’ll always have copy that consistently sounds exactly like you, only better!

brand voice & messaging guide

Does any of this sound familiar?


You struggle to express your value and speak directly to your audience in a way that feels authentic to you


It feels like your business and brand doesn’t really have a unique personality of its own


You find it difficult to outsource your writing because you can’t clearly convey your message or voice to whoever is writing for you


Every time you sit down to write something for your business it takes hours of your time and leaves you feeling stressed


Imposter syndrome hits you hard because your voice, values and message aren’t crystal clear

Whether writing comes naturally to you or not, you didn’t go into business expecting to be an accountant, VA and copywriter all rolled into one (and that’s just the half of it, right?!). But you find yourself more often than not having to make the time to sit down and write some damn words for your website, your emails, your socials and a lot more besides.

Because, unfortunately, your product or service won’t sell on pretty pictures alone.

So, you force yourself in front of the laptop to write… only to find that the blinking cursor and the blank screen are just too overwhelming.

What do you say? What words can you use to sell what you do without them sounding super cheesy, gross or incredibly salesy?

How often do you find yourself shutting off the computer and thinking, ‘I’ll get back to that another day’?

The problem is, you’re not 100% clear on what your overall message is. You know there’s this thing called “brand voice” but you’re unsure how that relates to you and your business. And your words across everything you do sound disjointed and inconsistent because you’re not quite sure what your voice actually sounds like.

Take a breath, lovely, because it definitely doesn’t have to be this way…

Lean into your unique self…
Get comfy with your quirks
and let your true voice shine through

with confident, clear messaging and a brand voice that’s all your own


No more confusion in what you’re trying to say—from you OR your audience. No more booking clients that aren’t quite the right fit, leading to an experience that’s less than fun for the both of you. No more words that feel off or disjointed across your various platforms. No more lengthy editing processes with a copywriter because they’ve struggled to understand what you’re trying to say. And no more feeling like a fraud because you’re convinced people don’t really know what you’re doing.

It absolutely doesn’t have to be that way.

In just a few months from now, you could be nailing getting enquiries from the kind of clients you’ve always wanted to work with because the words on your website are connecting with them in ways you’ve only ever dreamed of.

Picture all those opportunities you’ve got coming your way to confidently talk about what you do and how you help others. Doesn’t that feel good?

And imagine how great it’s going to feel to have copy that really sounds just like you, whoever writes it!

Soon you’ll have:



A brand voice so distinct it could only be yours that you can bet your mamma will be able to pick it straight out of a line up


Analysis that digs so deep you’ll feel it in your soul


On point microcopy that’ll catapult your business into slick, smooth territory rather than a slippery puddle of a mess


Client avatars so well defined you’ll think they’re sitting in the room with you


Brand stories, bios, values and beliefs all clearly laying out your unique brand message


And all the nitty-gritty details about what you should be writing about, as well as how, in such a clear way that anyone will be able to write for you and get it right EVERY. TIME.


The Ultimate Brand Voice & Messaging Guide


The only way to step out of the crowd, showcase your uniqueness and connect with clients and customers that get you, 100%.

“The results are undeniably great.”

“The brand voice guide that Sarah create for our business is a super useful tool. It’s something I can easily distribute to other members of our team so they can easily become aligned with our brand. When it comes to training a team for your small business marketing, it can be difficult to stay on the same page. Having a concise and clear guide to share with current and future team members makes onboarding and training so much easier. Thank you, Sarah!”


This detailed Brand Voice & Messaging Guide digs way beneath the surface of your business and brand, pulling out all the elements of your voice and message so that you can write with confidence about your business and in a way that’s uniquely you every. single. time.

What’s Inside?

There’s no easy way to share what’s included in this guide because it is IMMENSE. Are you ready?

First there’s research…

To create such an in-depth guide, there’s gotta be a lot of research right? A copywriter’s dream, I might add 😉 You can expect: 

  • To provide as much copy as you possibly can for me to read through in close detail and analyse
  • The biggest heart-to-heart with a copywriter you’ve ever had—up to 3 hours on a Zoom call so I can pick up vocal traits and personality as well as ask you a ton of questions to really get to understand your overall message
  • Voice of Customer research, which means interviews with up to 6 of your favourite clients so I can dig deep into their experiences working with you and pull out all those wonderful copy nuggets for you to use and connect with future clients

Then there’s analysis…

Where I’ll dig into all the information I’ve collected and collated from you and from my own research. We’re talking spreadsheets, people! I pick apart everything I read and hear so that I can make your guide super on point and accurate.

AND FINALLY there’s…


brand voice & messaging guide

The Ultimate Brand Voice & Messaging Guide

A mammoth document delivered as a Google Doc that you can edit and add to going forward AND as a branded PDF that you can immediately share with your team or any writers you already outsource to. But what’s in the guide, I hear you ask? Oh boy…

It’ll include…


A tagline for your brand


Suggested hero statements for your website


A mission statement and value proposition


Brand bios including for your socials


Your overall brand vision, values, beliefs and brand promise


An elevator pitch (or two!)


Your brand story


A content library of topics, stories and anecdotes you can refer to time and time again


Ideal client avatars


What your clients say (based on voice of customer interviews)


A statement encompassing the common points made by your clients


A layout of the client journey with you


Details of your brand voice and tone, from your brand's personality through to how you choose to communicate


A detailed style sheet encompassing vocabulary, syntax, tempo, punctuation and more


A list of suggested copy recommendations for taking your business forward


All the microcopy you can think of to immediately incorporate into your website

Aaaaaaah… DEEP BREATH.

This will be the most comprehensive document you’ll ever need for your business and it can be a lot to take in. Which is why I’ll also include a video recorded walkthrough of your guide on delivery, explaining what each section means and suggesting where you can use each part so you can hit the ground running with your business’ brand bible!

Already thinking of the possibilities this guide will have for your business?


is The Ultimate Brand Voice & Messaging Guide for?

How do I know if this is right for me?

Not gonna lie… this is not a product or service for a brand new business straight outta the box UNLESS this isn’t your first rodeo and you’ve already got a strong sense of who your audience is and what you’re selling. But to sum it up, the Ultimate Brand Voice & Messaging Guide is perfect for you IF:


You’re a brand who’s been in business for at least a couple of years and you’re ready to clarify your overall message to support the growth of your business


You’ve got a super solid sense of your brand story, values and why your clients buy from you but you just don’t know how to articulate them


You want to outsource your copywriting but can’t bear the thought of endless rounds of revisions and working with a copywriter who doesn’t get what your brand is about


You have a team of people who all contribute to writing for your business and you’re fed up of the mismatched, jigsaw pattern of words all over your website and socials


You’re just not a words person! You’re confident in what you do but you lose confidence when it comes to explaining that in a way that makes sense to people

Are you feeling seen yet?

Don’t worry, it’s all going to be ok.

Because I’ve been where you are now *waves hand in the air*

Hey, I’m Sarah, the creative copywriter and word nerd here at Sarah Wayte Creative who’s going to help you get clear on your message and find your unique brand voice.

I officially started calling myself a copywriter back in 2019, but I’ve been a writer my whole life. What started out as poems and short stories early on later moved into blogging for my wedding photography business. And as I saw it becoming a much bigger part of my world, I jumped into doing a BA in Creative Writing and English Language through the Open University. I graduated in 2021 with a First, which was no mean feat considering I moved country midway through completing it and set up my new business here in Canada.

I’m the proud owner of two passports (Maltese and English) and hopefully on my way to a third in the next couple of years. I live in beautiful British Columbia with my paramedic husband and our two fur-babies, Lewie & Lola. And, frankly, I love nothing better than to get to meet and work with other passionate creative owners with a strong personal brand.

Trusted by…

“I was worried that a copywriter wouldn’t be able to help me develop my tone of voice or be able to write copy that really felt like me. You absolutely nailed it, Sarah!”

Britta H.


Brand Voice Guide Lite



Research and analysis of your existing copy

Up to 3-hour interview with you to dig into your unique voice, personality and traits

A brand voice guide that nails down the specifics of your brand voice delivered as a Google Doc and branded PDF (containing details of your brand voice and tone, from your brand’s personality through to how you choose to communicate / a detailed style sheet encompassing vocabulary, syntax, tempo, punctuation and more / suggested copy recommendations based on my analysis / suggested microcopy such as how to start and finish your emails, calls-to-action, error messages and so on / plus a recorded video walkthrough of your guide so you can hit the ground running and get refining your copy!)



(+ GST)

The Ultimate Brand Voice & Messaging Guide



Research and analysis of your existing copy

Up to 3-hour interview with you to dig into your unique voice, personality and traits

Voice of customer interviews with up to 6 of your favourite clients

A detailed brand voice and messaging guide delivered as a Google Doc and branded PDF (including everything shown in the Brand Voice Guide Lite PLUS: taglines, hero statements, mission statement and value proposition, brand bios, brand vision, values, beliefs and promise, elevator pitches, your brand story, a content library, ideal client avatars, results of VoC interviews and a statement that covers the common points made, a layout of the client journey working with you)



(+ GST)

The Ultimate + Follow Up



Everything you’ll get with The Ultimate Brand Voice & Messaging Guide


A 2-hour follow-up meeting to go over the guide together in detail, giving you the opportunity to ask as many questions as we can squeeze into the time

A full written-up set of notes following our meeting for you to add to the guide, keep and review as needed



(+ GST)


Ready to get clear on your message and voice?

The Homework

Once you’ve signed your contract and paid your commencement fee, you’ll get started with a little homework. You’ll be asked to upload content and copy to your very own Google Drive folder, as well as answer some questions about your business for me to get a sense of who you are before we begin. Then, we’ll jump in to your kick-off meeting and have a good heart to heart. Get ready to chat!

Voice of Customer Interviews

I’ll furnish you with an email template to contact your chosen previous or existing clients to arrange interviews with each of them.

And then that’s about the limit of your involvement from here on out. Leave the rest with me!

Analysis and Guide Creation

Once I’ve collated your uploaded copy, as well as anything I’ve found myself, along with your interview and your client interviews, I get to work reading and analysing everything at length. You’ll get copies of what was said during the client interviews in a handy spreadsheet for future reference. And then it’s time to get to work creating your guide.

Your Guide is ready!

The guide is yours and ready to use! You’ll get a walkthrough video explaining what it all means and how to go about using it from here on out.

Now you can start grabbing bits of copy and using the information given to write the kind of copy you always dreamed of for your business!

“I worried about whether or not you’d be able to take the thoughts from my head and transcribe them to paper (or screen!). But I needn’t have worried as I’m already getting so much positive feedback on how much everyone loves my copy!”



Get the thoughts, words and ideas in your head out onto the page with your very own Brand Voice & Messaging Guide.

Not sure you need this?

Why would you even NEED a Brand Voice & Messaging Guide anyway? Isn’t that something only big corporations need? Is it really worth that hefty investment? And what’s it going to do for your little business, anyway?

Lovely, I hear you.

Those are all totally valid questions and, frankly, if you weren’t asking them before dropping that kind of money on something, I’d be even more concerned!

Here’s the thing though…

In a world now saturated with giant corporations, medium-sized and small businesses, startups and “one person bands” like yours (and mine!), being able to stand out from the crowd and position yourself in amongst all that noise is getting harder and harder to do. It’s even tougher if you’re so far IN your business that you can’t get a clear idea of the overall message, or if words and messaging just aren’t your main skill set so trying to figure them out just boggles you.

Well, take a breath, because it’s not just you. (Seriously, you should see what I’m like with numbers!)

The beauty and genius of having a full Brand Voice & Messaging Guide put together for your business is that you won’t have to struggle to get clear on your words anymore. Because through a process of seriously deep analysis (and I mean eyeballs deep!), I dig into everything you’ve ever written and said about your business and pull out all those gorgeous golden threads that are woven through everything that you probably didn’t even realise were there.

Once you know what’s at the heart of your message and voice, you’ll quickly be able to pull together new content and copy for your business because you already know what it is you need to talk about.

Imagine knowing EXACTLY what you want to say to position yourself and sell what you do without it feeling icky or awkward.

Imagine feeling totally confident in talking about your business when someone asks that question… ‘So, what do you do?’

Imagine the freedom you’ll feel outsourcing your writing to your team or a copywriter, knowing you won’t have to spend double the amount of time checking their work and re-writing it.

THAT’s exactly what a Brand Voice & Messaging Guide will do for your business, even if it’s “just a little one”.

I’d say that’s a pretty worthy investment, dontcha think?

“Sarah took the time to understand me and my business and helped me develop my ‘brand voice’.  She did loads of research so I didn’t have to, and made the whole process stress-free.”


What’s the alternative?


I’ve always believed in no-pressure sales and allowing the buyer to make informed choices. In fact, one of the things I knew before I became a copywriter was that I didn’t ever want to write an icky, manipulative sales pitch for anyone, least of all myself!

With that in mind, you absolutely DO NOT have to buy my services. In fact, if you’re in any doubt WHATSOEVER, then I urge you to close this tab right now and walk away.

Because there ARE alternatives.

Everything I do to put these Brand Voice & Messaging Guides together is based on information that can be easily sourced from all over the internet. There are countless blog posts, YouTube videos, podcasts and articles that’ll tell you how to pull together elements like your brand story, bios, your value proposition statement and more. None of this is a secret!

There are also some absolutely fantastic DIY courses out there that you can buy and learn to do all this yourself. Some of the most epic copywriters have shared their wisdom so that you don’t have to make a huge investment and I would wholeheartedly recommend them if you drop me a message and ask (because I’ve done their courses as part of my training to be able to put together this service in the first place!).

That being said…

Money isn’t the only factor here. The other most important currency you have right now is TIME—as I’m sure you already know. And putting together a solid Brand Voice & Messaging Guide isn’t a quick “let’s throw this all into a Google Doc and be done with it” kind of activity.

To give you some idea, I put more than 60 hours of time into creating a single guide. That’s time spent:



Reviewing your questionnaire and chatting with you


Interviewing your clients to dig up all the lovely gold nuggets and phrases you’ll be able to use in your copy


Collating and reading through all the examples of your copy I can lay my hands on (and I’m a pretty fast reader!)


Analysing and poring over transcripts, blog posts, emails, website copy, social posts and all your glorious words until I eventually go cross-eyed


Then creating your in-depth document and writing all those copy tidbits you’ll be copying and pasting from the moment you get your guide


And remember, words are my thing. They’re my wheelhouse. My skill set. The thing that makes me smile. Imagine how much longer it could take if that isn’t where your experience and skills lie.

Trying to wrestle through building your own Brand Voice & Messaging Guide could be time and energy better spent:



On your business


With your clients


With your family and friends


Enjoying nights on the sofa watching Netflix, eating popcorn and fussing the cat!


Because handing off this ginormous task to me means you’ll only need to be involved for just a few hours in the beginning and then you leave the rest to me while you get on with all the things that you love and that matter most to you.


Gaining back some much-needed time and yet still smashing this thing called “business” with The Ultimate Brand Voice & Messaging Guide at your fingertips?


Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to get my Brand Voice & Messaging Guide?

From the point of your kick-off meeting, and as long as you’ve supplied all the necessary links and information promptly, I anticipate delivering your guide to you within 3-5 weeks. This delivery time is also dependent on how easily I can get your clients booked in for their interviews so if that’s proving a little difficult, I reserve the right to extend your deadline if necessary. Don’t worry though, I’ll keep you informed of what’s going on!

I’ve already got a few branding bits. Could they be included in The Brand Voice & Messaging Guide?

Yes, absolutely! In fact, the more I have to work with, the more detailed a guide you’ll get.

Is it possible to see an example of a Brand Voice & Messaging Guide?

As mentioned, these guides go into a lot of detail, some of which businesses may not be happy to share publicly so, for that reason, no I’m not able to share an example of a previously created guide. I’d be more than happy to whizz through my own personal guide during a consult call though. I can screen share and show you some of what to expect, as well as talking about how your guide would be customised based on your wants and needs.

What if I don’t have much content?

Obviously, the more of your words I can lay my hands (and eyes!) on, the more detailed a guide I can create for you. But you’d be surprised what I can get from even a relatively small amount of copy. And remember, copy doesn’t just relate to social media posts or blog posts. I also use the copy on your website, emails you send out to clients, your newsletter, any brochures you’ve created and so on! 

And if what you have isn’t exactly what you want, we can discuss that and you can talk to me about how you DO want your voice to sound.

I'm ready