Why wait for epic copy when you can
get it Done In A Day?

When time isn’t on your side and you need words to get your business moving in the right direction, maybe it’s time to hand it off to a copywriter so you can mark the job done on your to-do list.


what Done In A Day copy could do for you and your business?

Apart from the obvious—more leads, sales and bucket-loads more confidence in what you do—it could also:


Lift that weight off your shoulders because you no longer have to worry about getting that copy DONE.


FINALLY put all those thoughts and ideas swirling around in your head into a clear, coherent message that you’re super excited to share with the world (and CAN in barely any time at all!).


Leave you FEELING CONFIDENT that your words are in good hands, even with a speedy Done In A Day project with NO EXTRA EFFORT on your part.

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What’s not to love? Well, here’s the answer…


The Done In A Day
Copy Intensive

It’s the only way to get lip-smackingly good, personality-packed copy that shows up in your inbox by the end of the day because you’re all about action and getting shit DONE.

If you’re constantly pushing the copy you need to get written further and further down the to-do list…

If you’re shying away from sharing your link because the copy is just not good enough to share…

If you’ve been trying to write your own copy for months with zero success…

Take a breath and relax, because a Done In A Day Copy Intensive will help you get the oh-so-awesome words you’ve been lusting after for your business in less time than it takes to binge-watch Schitt’s Creek for the fourth time. (Or, you know, whatever your latest Netflix obsession is!)

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Six quick steps to copy goodness

Step One

Head to my contact form, fill out the details and I’ll be in touch to arrange a consultation.


Step Two

I’ll send a proposal for you to review. Then, once you’ve completed it, signed the contract and paid your 50% booking fee, I’ll send over a little homework as well as a scheduler to book your day.

Step Three

On the morning of your session (9 am PST), we’ll hop on Zoom for your kick-off call. This is the time I’ll be asking any clarifying questions as well as reviewing the copy strategy with you so you know exactly what I’ll be working on through the day.


Step Four

For you, that’s about it! I put fingers to keyboard and bash out all the words over the next 7 hours (minus a lunch break!). I’ll have your words whizzing their way to you by the end of the day along with a video walkthrough so you know what’s what.

Step Five

You’ll have a couple of days to review the copy and submit your comments and revisions requests, then I’ll be in touch to arrange your revisions meeting.

Step Six

We’ll hop on a final 1-hour Zoom call to go through any tweaks and changes you need me to make to your copy. We’ll work through it together so you’re 100% happy with your final words.

How about that for well-crafted words on a quicker-than-quick timescale?


right for you?

Book a Done In A Day if:

You’ve struggled to write your own copy—because you don’t have the time, hate writing about yourself, can’t get the words to sound quite right or you just don’t like writing.

You’ve tried hiring someone through an online marketplace and found the writing they’ve delivered sounds super generic or that you weren’t listened to and the message isn’t right.

You’ve had a go at writing your copy with a purchased or free template but you can’t get the words to sound more like you than the person who created the template itself.

If any of those are getting you nodding, then Done In A Day is exactly what you need. This done-for-you service works really well if you’ve already got some firm ideas, notes and maybe even some copy already written to use as a starting point. While I’ll write your words from scratch and they’ll be entirely unique to you and your business (and in a voice you recognise!), previously worked on copy can help show me what isn’t working for you so, this time, you get the words you want!

Looking for someone to edit your words? Then you should head over here to find out more!

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Hire Sarah - she's ace!!

Sarah is an absolute godsend and I would recommend her to anyone who struggles with finding the words for their website. She did loads of research so I didn’t have to, and made the whole process stress-free. Sarah is a dream to work with, professional, fun and, most importantly, delivers the goods.

– Clare, Calmwork.co


I’m Sarah, creative copywriter and word nerd here at Sarah Wayte Creative

I’m done with copy that’s trying to sound like something you’re not. I firmly believe people connect with you and your business because of who you are and what you value. It’s about connection and trust (and embracing who you are and sharing it loudly in your own voice). 

Guess what? I also think it’s totally possible to sell your thing without sounding pushy or manipulative. You CAN be proud of what you do and you CAN big yourself up and not have it sound icky, awkward or bigheaded. That’s the power of words!

If you believe that being professional has nothing to do with the colour of your hair, the clothes you wear, or the fact that you use words like “innit” or “totally” and the dropping of an occasional f-bomb doesn’t wrinkle you up in disgust, then I KNOW we’re gonna get along juuuust fine. Welcome to my world!

Done In A Day Copy Intensive

Done In A Day Copy Intensive


– Homework and prep before your copy day

– A 1-hour kick-off meeting to ask any clarifying questions and review and approve the copy strategy

– My eyes, brain and keyboard-tapping fingers on your words for one whole work day

– Delivery of your copy in Google Docs

– A final 1-hour meeting to work through revisions live and together over Zoom within 2 weeks of your day



(+ GST)

More Kind Words

Sarah went above and beyond what I even imagined. The video explaining everything… AMAZING. I would have paid double (if not more), just to have a semi-decent experience with someone else that didn’t get me as much as she did.


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Done in a day copy

So much can be achieved in just one day!

A Done In A Day Copy Intensive is totally flexible and I’ll tackle whatever words you need to get done and checked off that to-do list. But here’s what you can realistically expect to be completed in one day:


The basics of website copy (i.e. a Home Page, About Page and Contact Page)


A services splash page or a more focused service sales page


A short to mid-length sales page


A landing page with opt-in copy


3-5 emails for a welcome sequence or sales sequence


3 x 1000ish word blog posts


Anything else you can think of that can easily be achieved in a day (if you’re not sure, drop me a message and ask!)



Can you really write all my copy in just one day?

Well, not ALL. But you’d be surprised how much I can get done! Head here to see the full list of suggestions. But I’m also pretty flexible so if you have other projects in mind, hop on a call with me and let me know what you’re looking for. I’ll give you an honest answer about what I can and can’t achieve in a single day.

What about if I need edits/revisions?

The Done In A Day incorporates a revision process. You’ll get a couple of days to read and review your copy then we’ll hop on a call within 2 weeks of your day to work through any revisions you need together.

Why should I choose Done In A Day over a full project package?

Done In A Day is all about getting your copy delivered to you within a specific time period. Full project packages are much more focused on getting the agreed deliverables to you and can take significantly longer to deliver. Full project packages are waaay better for larger projects. They’re more involved, there’s more time for research, and they usually include interviews and voice-of-customer analysis before the writing even starts. Done In A Day is much more compact and focuses on getting the words done by a certain deadline. If there’s any doubt about your message, what you’re offering, your brand voice or your workflow, I’d recommend going for a full package over Done In A Day every time. If you need more clarification, hop on a call with me and we’ll chat it through together.

Do you offer a payment plan?

My standard plan is 50% upfront as your booking fee, with the balance due on the day of your session. Longer payment plans can be arranged but full payment does need to be made before the end of your session or your copy will not be delivered. If you need a longer payment plan, let me know. I’d be more than happy to arrange something that works for you!

What happens if you can’t finish everything I need in one day?

You can totally purchase additional days. If I already know everything you want can’t be achieved in one day, I’ll let you know so you can choose to book out consecutive days if you want! Otherwise, we’ll just figure out what your priorities are and I’ll work on those first.

Do I have to be on call all day?

Nope! We’ll start the day with a kick-off call (at 9 am PST, although this is flexible depending on your timezone!) and then I’ll get to work! The next time you’ll hear from me will be when I deliver your copy at the end of the day. So, go off and do whatever you want to—get cracking with something else on your list or, you know, take a well-deserved day off because you’ve bloody well earned it!

What happens if you’re ill on my VIP day?

Gotta be honest, it’ll take a lot to bring me down but, of course, life happens—coming down with a “cough-do-cold” or my adventurous boy-cat snapping a fang after falling off the kitchen worktop (yep, that really happened!) are some possibilities. But it takes a lot to keep me away from my desk because I happen to love what I do! That being said, should the worst happen and I’m sick or unable to work on your booked date, then I’ll let you know as soon as I can and we’ll get you booked in for the next date free on my calendar. I haven’t had to reschedule anyone yet, but never say never, right?!

Sarah never fails to impress! She completely captured my voice and vision in the email sequence she put together for my course. It was a larger-than-expected investment but it was totally worthwhile. I really appreciated her attention to detail, speediness, and skilled copywriting.


Alexa Gelles Counselling

Everything with Sarah is totally streamlined. The quality of her work is next level, and I’m super confident in the quality of our copy now. It’s been a huge load off our shoulders.


Chewie Media

I really wasn’t sure at the start, about hiring Sarah, as it was such a big investment. But I needn’t have worried. It was exactly the right amount for the work that she put in. The copy felt natural and friendly and I’m getting so much positive feedback on how much everyone loves my words!


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