Head Shots in Brick Lane


There’s usually a time in most professionals careers when they find the need to have some head shots taken which is where both Jodi and I found ourselves last summer. Both being photographers, we decided to photograph each other and so we met up at London’s Brick Lane to get some head shots taken.

The gorgeous Jodi is the talent behind Jodi Redhouse Photography and it was so lovely to finally meet her in person after having known her online for a while and I was so excited to get her in front of my camera.

I’d been wanting to capture headshots for a while now. I’ve done a few in the past but usually in a fairly formal setting so getting to photograph professional headshots in a less formal setting was a bit of a dream. The way I see it, head shot images shouldn’t be corporate and stuffy – they should show the personality of the person being photographed!

So yeah, we headed down Brick Lane and found a few lovely backdrops to take some photographs of each other and here are a few of the resulting images…

If you’re looking for professional headshots with a more relaxed and natural vibe, then please do get in touch. For more details, check out my Head Shots package. X


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