How Retreat, Workshop and Event Photography Will Benefit Your Business

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As an experienced business owner, you’ve built up a fantastic base of knowledge and experience about your speciality over time, haven’t you? But there reaches a point when people start to think about sharing that knowledge with others. I’ll always encourage it because it positions you as an expert in your field. So, you might be at the stage where you’re starting to hold retreats, workshops or other teaching events for people. Have you thought about having me come and photograph one of those events for you? Here’s how retreat, workshop and event photography will benefit your business and why you should consider it.

how workshop photography will benefit your business

Future Marketing

I’m sure that if you do one workshop, you’ll want to do more in the future. Sharing your knowledge is an exciting experience that always leaves you feeling good about yourself. And I don’t know about you but, when I teach someone something about what I know, it helps me to realise just how far I’ve come over the years too!

Having professional photos of your event means you can efficiently market future events. You can use your photographs on any future marketing material such as brochures, adverts on- and offline, on website landing pages promoting future workshops and so on.

If people can see how great your workshop or retreat looks, they’re going to be much more likely to book on to your next one!

workshop photography benefits your business

Positive Press

You’ll be able to use the images you get for press releases. You can submit them to newspapers and/or magazines or local newsletters generating interest and press for future events. 

If you have a regular email or newsletter you send out to a mailing list, use the images there for more great press and marketing. 

And with consistent, professional-quality photos, you can share them to your workshop attendees. They can then share them on their social media platforms. Word of mouth for future workshops is a powerful form of marketing!

how retreat photography benefits your business

Showing You As The Professional

Look, I know good photography can be an expensive outlay. But it’s a worthy investment when you look at how many more workshops and events you’ll get booked on the back of them. There’s nothing to say you can’t take phone photos. But professional images will shine through when it comes to making your business look professional.

You don’t have to only use the images once either. Use them again and again for your future events. Then, when your workshops are earning you enough money, you can book in another refresher shoot if you want to!

retreat photography in bc

Show People What They Can Expect

Some people might be wary of booking onto your retreat or workshop for lots of different reasons. Sharing images from previous events to show them how fun, friendly and positive an experience your retreat or workshop is will mean they’re far more likely to book on to your next workshop. 

For some people, the reassurance of knowing what to expect allows them to step outside their comfort zone and try something new. 

Some Points to Remember

#1: Notify your attendees and get permission

Some people may not want their photograph shared on social media for many reasons. Make sure those people let you know so that you can point them out to the photographer. They can then either avoid taking their photograph or remove their photos at the editing stage.

workshop photography in bc

#2: Remind everyone on the day that there’s a photographer

Remind people that there will be a photographer attending to take photographs of the event. Do let your attendees know they should continue to act naturally and try to forget the photographer is there. Unless the photographer wants posed photos, they’ll be concentrating on capturing the proceedings of the workshop. So, they’ll be happy to be ignored!

Do let your attendees know that the purpose of them being there is to enjoy the retreat or workshop and not to worry about how they look in the photographs. The photographer will make sure they remove any unflattering photos!

events photography in bc

#3: Plan any posed photos

You may want a few posed group shots or have a few particular scenarios in mind for your website and marketing. If that’s the case, it’s best to plan these with your photographer. If you need a couple of models, make sure to ask them before the day, so they’re prepared. And it may be that you need to create a model release which they’ll need to sign. Do check with your photographer who will be able to tell you about this.

You may also need photos taken in a particular way, so there’s space for you to overlay text, for example. Again, make sure you talk to your photographer about this!

events photography for your business

#4: Discuss deadlines

Some events need quick turnaround times for press releases etc. Be clear about this with your photographer before the event. Most photographers, if forewarned, will be able to provide you with some photos for press releases, or they may wish to negotiate a ‘rush fee’ with you. So, do discuss this with your photographer at the time of booking.

retreat and workshop photography in bc

If you’re thinking of having your next retreat, workshop or event captured, I’d love to chat with you! Drop me a line, and let’s see how I can help you.