Is it even worth blogging right now?


I asked a question on Instagram last week – is it even worth blogging right now? I mean, do you really want to read blog posts about how to write a blog post. Or ways of finding your copy voice when it feels like the world is standing still in the middle of a tumultuous shit storm? I sure as hell haven’t thought it was worth it recently. In fact, for the first time in months, I didn’t actually publish any fresh blog posts last week. That was a strange feeling for me and I’ve been mulling it over ever since.

But is it even worth blogging right now? As much as I’d love to shout a big confident YES at you, I’m holding back a little bit. I do believe blogging is always worth it. But I don’t want to be stating something that is going to make anyone feel guilty about how they’re running their businesses right now. Look, the point is, it doesn’t matter if I say it’s worth it to keep blogging, even now. What matters is whether you believe it is and, if you don’t, then don’t feel bad about that. Just do you and whatever feels right in this bonkers period of our lives, ok?

I’ll still go ahead and present my case, though. Because, if I don’t, then it makes this entire blog post a moot point, doesn’t it? Although I am always loving the irony in any situation like this. It is not lost on me, I assure you.

So yeah, a couple of weeks ago I suspect I would have had different feelings about this subject. In fact, I know I would. I blogged not because I had something to say more for personal reasons. I blogged to get the words out. Which was more for my benefit than anyone else’s. I’d be surprised if anyone read either of the posts I put out. 

In case you’re interested: Life in the time of COVID-19 shares some of my initial thoughts. And I wrote another post talking about how my goals are now changing due to current events

And then I did a week where I didn’t write a blog post and, suddenly, I was aware of how much things had changed lately.

Look, I’m a writer. Writing is my natural go-to when everything else is at a standstill. I write in a journal. I scribble notes. I write for clients. And I often write for myself too. So for me to not automatically reach for pen and paper, or start tapping on a keyboard, then that’s a good sign that something is off.

But this isn’t about me. This is about you and your business. And whether it’s worth still putting out content if you’re struggling even to get business right now.

Which is why I go immediately to cries of YES. Not because I’m a writer. Not because I’m a copywriter trying to get work from you. But because we’re talking about your business. And while I get small businesses are struggling right now because of this virus named COVID-19, that you might not be able to do the thing it is you do because of isolating, quarantining, lockdowns and social distancing rules, or people haven’t got the funds to pay for your products or services, there is something to consider…

There will be a time after all this. There will be a point where the virus has been brought under control, or a vaccine has been created, or it disappears of its own accord or WHATEVER. And when that time comes, your business will still be standing in the wake (I’m going for positivity here). So why not get ahead of that point and have your blogs already written and in place? 

One of the things I often hear from small business owners is that they don’t blog because of lack of time. And right now a lot of small business owners are lamenting the lack of work and the increased time on their hands is making them bored. I realise that’s a sweeping generalisation. It doesn’t account for parents trying to homeschool; those who are having to care for vulnerable family members; or those who have taken on other employment while all this is happening. But those of you that do have some extra pockets of time, perhaps tackling some of those valuable content posts you’ve been meaning to write and publish might fill some of those spaces? 

Now look, you don’t have to be a blog writing machine. But why not tackle the top three questions you get asked by your clients THE MOST. Write three SOLID blog posts and get them published. And then share the shit out of them. Or what about a lead magnet you’ve been wanting to work on? Why not get a mini blog post series written up and, from that, create a lead magnet? 

My point is, when it comes to blog posts, people might not want to read them right NOW. But they’ll still be there, still viewable, still searchable and still bringing traffic to your site once all this is over. So don’t think of blogging as being for RIGHT NOW. Think of it as future-proofing your business even a tiny bit. Although, if you don’t want to, that is ok as well so DO NOT feel guilty about that, ok?

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