Styled Shoot Contract Template


As a wedding and lifestyle photographer, creating contracts for clients is a no-brainer! But have you considered having a contract especially for styled shoots as well?

It might seem a little odd to have a contract in place for what is effectively a free shoot. But, when you’re working with a large number of suppliers, there’s plenty of scope for problems to arise. A contract for a styled shoot protects everyone involved, ensures everyone is on the same page and everyone’s responsibilities are clear. And, if you’re planning to have the shoot published, a styled shoot contract will deal with that too.

This styled shoot contract template covers all the necessities of planning a styled shoot, from who’s involved to who owns the copyright of the images. Written in simple, easy to understand English, with clear sections for you to fill in your information, it even includes a model release allowing the images to be easily used in a variety of ways. 

The template contract is fully customisable and includes: 

  • A section to list all involved parties
  • A section listing the details of the styled shoot (date, time, location)
  • Clear language that everyone can understand
  • A neutral list of goals and guides so that all suppliers benefit
  • Neutral language surrounding copyright, non-specific to any particular country
  • A generic model release form 

**Please Note: This contract has been created by a photographer, not a lawyer! Given the nature of the template being usable in a variety of regions and countries, it’s advisable to have it reviewed before you use it in your business. 


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